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Kore Siciliae the land of myth

We are in the province of Enna, in the center of Sicily, in the territory of the municipalities of Enna, Aidone, Assoro, Calascibetta, Nissoria, Leonforte, Piazza Armerina, Valguarnera, and Villarosa, all belonging to the Rocca di Cerere UNESCO Global Geopark.
You can easily reach us and just as easily reach many renowned places in Sicily such as Agrigento, Caltagirone, Catania, Cefalù, Palermo, Ragusa, Siracusa, Mount Etna, the Madonie, and the Nebrodi.
Here, your journey starts from the origins, from the Sicily of wheat, sulfur, salt, and gypsum that fully embodies the multifaceted Mediterranean identity, its countless nuances, and the wise balance between man and nature.

Rocca di Cerere UNESCO Global Geopark

UNESCO Global Geoparks are geographical areas of particular geological value, whose sites are managed according to a holistic approach of protection, education, and sustainable development.
Rocca di Cerere UNESCO Global Geopark is one of the 11 Italian Geoparks and is characterized by the presence of geological outcrops that eloquently narrate the geological history and identity of the Mediterranean and the surrounding lands.
In this area of Sicily, there is a remarkable collection of cultivated and exploited geosites since prehistoric times, which testify to how geology is intimately connected to the history of mankind, from myth to mines to fields.

Why Kore Siciliae

Because in this evocative territory, rich in history and magic, the most important myth in history is set, that of Kore and fertility.
Kore Siciliae is born from the desire to offer you an extraordinary journey to discover Sicily in its most intimate and authentic part.
A journey to let yourself be influenced and transformed through the words and gestures of our master craftsmen, our farmers and breeders, our guides who will lead you step by step to the discovery of the origins of the myth.

Who are we?

Together Consortium

We are a consortium of 55 companies that have come together to passionately immerse you in the territory of Enna, its history, and its traditions.
Artists, producers, guides, all at your service to offer you a unique experience that combines nature, arts, food, and traditions in one frame.

"We want to offer you an authentic and transformative experience that starts from the land that hosted the Myth of Persephone (Kore) and continues every day in the stories of our guides, in the hands of our artisans, in the harvest of our land." Come and get to know us!

The Consortium is composed of

14 accommodation facilities

12 restaurants and pizzerias

25 agri-food producers and artisans

2 chauffeur-driven car rental services

2 tourist services


Collaborate with us

Are you a journalist, blogger, travel agent or consultant?
Are you a student and would you like to carry out an internship or research for your degree thesis?
Do you have an interesting idea to show us?

Our Consortium has among its founding values that of collaboration motivated by a common interest and by the belief that together we can go further.
If you think your contribution could bring mutual benefit, get in touch with us immediately, fill out the form and send us your proposal.

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